Wednesday, May 30, 2007

K & B Dog Walkers

K & B Dog Walkers is now open for business, providing services to greater Green Bay and surrounding areas. K & B provides a variety of services for pet owners who care about their animals but occasionally don't have the time or are going on a vacation and need a inexpensive reliable way to make sure their pets are taken care of. To schedule a consultation or for more information e-mail us at

Sunday, May 27, 2007

from kentucky

well hello all im in kentucky right now and it is absolutely wonderful here, im just here with my mom and aunt but im having tons of fun. oh and guess what the gas prices here are 2.95, hell yeah suckers we got cheap gas, muahahahahahaha. aw these two little dogs just went past me and were so cute. see you all when i get back.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kentucky here I come

I'm so excited tomorrow after i take a quiz that i need to take i will be heading off to Kentucky with my mom and my aunt until later monday. it is going to be so awesome, we are going down there to see my brother who is stationed there and i haven't seen him since like thanksgiving. i am sure i will have fun stories to tell when i get back, i will make sure to post them. im soooooooooo excited!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Me and my cousin are going to be starting up a bussiness for dog walking and need to start building up clients. if you are interested or know someone who would want there dog walked send me a comment and we can figure something out thanks.

story time

ok so like last week sometime i was hanging out with my cousin amy and our friend krissy and krissy was being a nice friend to one of her friends so she said that she would drive her home from the bars. ok i hear this and think wait krissy doesn't have a licence, bad yes. so first time we go out because this girl was bored and wanted a ride so we get there, krissy drove by the way and the whole time was really stressed about cops. ok so we get there and the girl doesn't wanna leave anymore so krissy gets really pissed, understandably, and we go back to krissy's and tell the girl we'll be back at 1:30 which bought us only like a half an hour. so we wait and eventually my cousin leaves so shes not late for her cerfue, and me and krissy finally go back to get her, me driving this time. ok we get there and the girl and her friend jump in really quick which was nice, then i got to the guys house and bring him home, oh yes back story on this car im driving which is the girls so we us her gas not mine so the gas gauge is broken so its always empty, but they said that they just put alot of gas in. ok so i drop the friend off and then krissy decides she wants to go to her other friends house, ok fine. side story here, we stopped in a parking lot to figure out what was going on and the girl whos car im driving wants to drive, i should say insisted on driving but i was being responsible and i wouldn't let her in no matter how sober she said she was. ok so we get to this guys house and eventually leave in like a 15-20 mins. so heading back to krissy's house and headed down riverside and what else happens, the car starts going clink clank clack so im like hey i think your out of gas we ended up getting into the parking lot of eve's supper club and a minete couldn't have passed and a cop was shining his bright lights at us wondering what all was going on, well to shorten this up a bit we talked all three of us hopped in the back seat, which was a really tight fit, he brought us back to my house i took my dads van dropped both of them off and my car was at krissy's so she fallowed me in may car back to my house then i had to bring her back home, by the time i got back it was like 4:30 in the morning. and thats my story.

i want a new job

I am still looking to find a new job so if anyone knows a place or the place they work at is hiring tell me i am looking for anything as long as it doesn't involve selling food.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


so yeah i have some crazy stories that have happened lately, i will periodically post them so stay tuned